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Introducing the EasyPrint 32 printers for all new thermal transfer units designed and built by Bell-Mark

Pine Brook, NJ - Bell-Mark announces that all new thermal transfer equipment will contain 32 bit processors. The 32 bit EasyPrints have been in production for a few months, and the company has phased out production of all older 16 bit machines. Users can still obtain support for their 16 bit EasyPrints via the company web site, and telephone support will continue on all printers installed.

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The EasyPrint line will now contain the "32" as part of the model name to add recognition to the brand. The 3 models available will be: the EasyPrint mlp 32 for multiple lane traverse printing, the EasyPrint i 32 for intermittent motion printing, and the EasyPrint c 32 for continuous motion printing.

The 32 bit processors in the EasyPrints are RISC based. The RISC (reduced instruction set computing) design philosophy is based on several principles such as a simple instruction set, a powerful pipeline concept for a very fast instruction execution, register orientation, and a uniform instruction decode process.

About Bell-Mark

Bell-Mark is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative in-line coding and printing machinery. For over 45 years, Bell-Mark has been designing solutions for package printing applications in the meat, medical device, pharmaceutical, prepared foods, bakery, dairy and poultry packaging industries. Bell-Mark offers many in-line printing technologies including thermal transfer, flexographic, reciprocating ink coders, and inkjet, all of which satisfy requirements to print bar codes, lot/exp codes, date codes, graphics and variable data directly onto packaging substrates.


Press Contact:
Glenn C. Breslauer
Director, Marketing / IT
Bell-Mark Inc.

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