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EasyPrint X, the first thermal transfer printer designed for Harsh Environments, now features additional enhancements for further operational flexibility

Pine Brook, NJ - Bell-Mark’s EasyPrint X, the 1st in-line thermal transfer printer to offer an IP65 rating for Harsh Environments, has been recently updated with additional features. New enhancements include the ability to print on Intermittent moving webs, and a new 5” printhead for maximum print coverage.

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The EasyPrint X has been developed in cooperation with Sealed Air/Cryovac specifically for applications that require protection from harsh / wet / cold / dusty / dirty / extreme environments.

Combining the speed and power of their original 32bit EasyPrints, along with the addition of an IP 65 rating, the new EasyPrint X offers a viable thermal transfer solution to markets such as: Meat Processing / Packing, Poultry, Dairy, and Prepared Foods. Variable data is printed directly onto substrates such as poly, film, foil and Tyvek.

With the latest enhancements, the EasyPrint X is now the only Harsh Environment in-line thermal transfer printer capable of Intermittent and Continuous operation in both 2” and 5” printhead widths.

The EasyPrint X can be mounted on all packaging machines such as Cryovac, Multivac, RapidPak, Tiromat, Dixie, and Mahaffy & Harder.

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Bell-Mark Sales department
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About Bell-Mark
Bell-Mark is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative in-line coding and printing machinery. For over 45 years, Bell-Mark has been designing solutions for package printing applications in the meat, medical device, pharmaceutical, prepared foods, bakery, dairy and poultry packaging industries. Bell-Mark offers many in-line printing technologies including thermal transfer, flexographic, reciprocating ink coders, and inkjet, all of which satisfy requirements to print bar codes, lot/exp codes, date codes, graphics and variable data directly onto packaging substrates.


Press Contact:
Glenn C. Breslauer
Director, Marketing / IT
Bell-Mark Inc.

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