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Introducing the InteliJet M small character inkjet printer for in-line package printing & coding

Pine Brook, NJ - The Bell-Mark Corporation introduces the InteliJet M, a small character inkjet printer for in-line package printing with multiple row / column configurations. The InteliJet M is powered by continuous inkjet technology, and provides high resolution printing on all materials.

All InteliJet M coders have a stainless steel cabinet and come complete with software including: automatic sell
by post dates, time, shift, and date coding, a complete maintenance kit, barcode capabilities, remote operation
capabilities, and logo printing.

Features include:

Jet Speed Control
- Automatically adjusts speed of ink stream, monitors and adjusts ink viscosity and controls
fluid pressures. Ensures consistent print quality regardless of environment.

Dual Pump System
- Eliminates the need for plant compressed air to drive the ink circuit. Bi-Polar Motor
drives pressure and vacuum individually, Resulting in higher reliability than single pump.

100% Fluid Utilization
- A two fluid system that utilizes all ink and additive. One liter additive bottle to
last 150-200 hours depending operating temperature. No timed ink cartridges.

Long Throw Distance
- Printhead can be mounted up to 2” from the product (7 & 16 font only)

The full line of InteliJet M coders include 3 models:
« S8 Classic 1.1G which offers printing of 1 or 2 lines of code and features a Single Line display

« S8 Master 1.1G offers printing of 1 to 4 lines of code and features a Full display

« S8 IP65 1.1G offers printing of 1 to 4 lines of code and features a Full displayand is Pressurized to IP 65 rating.
Comes w/Head protection kit and Wheel base

All models available in fixed or traversing configurations.

About Bell-Mark
Bell-Mark is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative in-line coding and printing machinery. For over 45 years, Bell-Mark has been designing solutions for package printing applications in the meat, medical device, pharmaceutical, prepared foods, bakery, dairy and poultry packaging industries. Bell-Mark offers many in-line printing technologies including thermal transfer, flexographic, reciprocating ink coders, and inkjet, all of which satisfy requirements to print bar codes, lot/exp codes, date codes, graphics and variable data directly onto packaging substrates.


Press Contact:
Glenn C. Breslauer
Director, Marketing / IT
Bell-Mark Inc.

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