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Print UDI, Serialized Codes, Logos, Barcodes, Variable Data, Product Info & much more on a wide range of materials.

The InteliJet TS is a small character inkjet printer designed specifically for printing on medical paper Tyvek and most poly and foil webs. The InteliJet TS is an ideal solution to deliver high-quality, Variable Data, Logos, Graphics, Lot Numbers and Date Codes.

InteliJet TS Benefits

Simple Integration

It is simple to integrate into existing packaging lines and equipment. With industry standard mounting configurations and a design that takes up less room, inc.jet's packaging products are a smarter alternative to bulky print systems.

Total Integration

Whether, small or large characters, printing fixed images, lot and date codes, even variable data, we can do it all. With rugged, flexible hardware, software that puts you in control of how you integrate inc.jet in your projects, and the widest range of inks for printing on almost anything, from paper to foils, in black or in color, and you have the ultimate industrial print system.

InteliJet TS Specifications

Printing Capabilty
600 dpi = 27” (685.8mm)
300 dpi = 54” (1371.6mm)
0.5” per printhead
(up to 4 printheads per imager)
Orientation of Print
  • Rotate (any direction in 1° increments)
Print Resolutions and Speeds
  • 600x600 dpi at 25 IPS, 125 FPM, 0.635 M/S
  • 600x300 dpi at 50 IPS, 250 FPM, 1.27 M/S
  • 600x150 dpi at 100 IPS, 500 FPM, 2.54 M/S
Printable Items
  • All twenty-four Windows Unicode languages
  • Dynamic and fixed text
  • Dynamic and fixed bitmaps
  • Time/Date Stamp - fixed or real-time
  • Barcodes including 2D GS1 Data Matrix
  • GUI interface software is included
  • Requires Windows XP
Communication Interfaces
  • 10/100-Base T Ethernet, RS-232 (115K baud)
  • Resin inks for non-porous surfaces including poly & foil.
  • Water based inks for porous surfaces, including medical grade paper and Tyvek®.
  • Unique formulas for optimum color, contrast or minimum bleed.
  • Black ink is the default color, 14 spot color variations available to meet your specific requirements.
  • PMS color matching available upon special request.
  • UV and IR components for security and the ultimate in personalization.

InteliJet TS Applications

Bandsealer Mounted

Stationary Printhead

Traversing Printhead

Video of the InteliJet TS Mounted on a Bosch Band Sealer

Video of the InteliJet TS Mounted on a Urania Band Sealer

Video of the InteliJet TS X, Traversing, Harsh Environment

Inline Printing and Coding Specialists

For over 55 years, BELL-MARK has been developing innovative solutions for package and carton printing applications in the medical device, pharmaceutical, prepared foods, meat, bakery, dairy and poultry packaging industries. BELL-MARK offers many in-line printing technologies including full color inkjet, thermal transfer, flexographic, and ink coder, all of which satisfy requirements to print directly onto package and carton substrates.


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