At BELL-MARK, we respect the privacy needs of our valued customers. This Privacy Policy outlines what specific information is gathered on the BELL-MARK site and how that information is used.

Collection and Use of Information by BELL-MARK

BELL-MARK explicitly asks when we need information that personally identifies you ("Personal Information"). Your personal information is used to contact you in the course of using BELL-MARK products, or sending you BELL-MARK literature. Demographic and profile data collected by BELL-MARK may be used to tailor our website or any requested email communications, and to display information that is more relevant to you. Under no circumstances will BELL-MARK make any personal information about an individual user available to anyone.

Your email address is used to send you information that you have requested. As part of your use of any BELL-MARK product, BELL-MARK allows you to elect to receive, or not receive, certain information from BELL-MARK or it's partners. BELL-MARK adheres strictly to permission-based email policy. BELL-MARK will not sell, rent, or loan our contact lists (including customer data) to any outside firms. All emails that you have requested will have an option to unsubscribe. Unsubscribe requests are fulfilled within minutes and no further communications will be sent to users who have stated that they do not wish to receive the specified information. All BELL-MARK partners who offer you information via email from our website must adhere to this unsubscribe policy.

While IP addresses are logged to track a user's session, the user's identity is anonymous. Tracking IP addresses gives BELL-MARK information about which parts of our site are used most often and what information is viewed. IP addresses are not linked to anything that can personally identify a visitor. Thus, session details are tracked, but the user is anonymous. When we send marketing related emails to our own registered customers, we'll sometimes track who opened and who clicked. We do this to measure the performance of our email campaigns, and to improve our offerings to specific customer segments. One of the data analysis packages that BELL-MARK currently utilizes is Google Analytics. The use of Google Analytics is for the sole purpose of evaluating the user traffic of BELL-MARK.com so that design may be altered or modified based on performance of certain pages or areas of the site.

Information Use by Third Parties

It is BELL-MARK's policy to never provide your personal information to third parties without your express permission or only in instances where such disclosure is necessary to process transactions or provide services that you have requested. We do not release personal information about you as an individual. There are two exceptions to this policy. One - if BELL-MARK is compelled to do so by an appropriately empowered governmental authority. Two - if BELL-MARK makes services available to you through its business partners. BELL-MARK will not share with them any more information than is necessary to perform the service you have requested. Where you have purchased our services through a BELL-MARK partner, we may provide customer name and business information to the partner. Such partners have agreed to use the information only in regard to analyzing the success of the partnership arrangement. BELL-MARK only does business with partners who agree to respect our Privacy Policy.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining the privacy of your information is of paramount importance to use as it helps foster confidence, goodwill and stronger relationships with you, our customers.