We offer a complete line of patented ink cartridges for all printing requirements. Our inks are approved for direct food contact, indirect food contact, medical and pharmaceutical applications, and offer excellent adhesion for many different applications.

See the table below to find an ink that will meet your package requirements.

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BELL-MARK Ink Supplies BELL-MARK Ink Supplies BELL-MARK Ink Supplies

BELL-MARK Stock Ink Characteristics & Applications

Ink# Drying Time Ink Use
855 3 - 5 second For use on all non-absorbent surfaces FDA approved for food packages. Excellent adhesion to packaging films. Our standard cartridge ink.
FAST DRY 1 - 3 second Solvent base for use on all non-absorbent surfaces. Excellent for film and cellophane, Widely used for VPM's in food facilities. Very fast drying.
850 5 - 7 second Dye and solvent based ink. Good on non-porous surfaces.
370 30 second Dye and solvent base used on film, Tyvek or all non-porous surfaces.
245 5 - 10 second Solvent and dye based ink. Good ink for foils, film, metals, and some plastics.
855-C 3 - 5 second Specialty ink used on Cryovac bags which will adhere to all bags coated with corn starch, powder or any anti-stick agents. Very good adhesion.
6606 10 - 15 second This ink has the same dye and solvent as the 855 Inks but the dry time is 10 - 15 seconds. Made for platen printers because of its body, adhesion and colors systems. The resin system used in this ink is the same as used in Jet Printing ink. Adhesion is excellent. This is the best ink for marking any non-porous surface.
8416-A 15 - 20 second This is pigmented ink designed for withstanding high temperature (at least 600° F) non-porous surfaces.